Born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

I liked writing since I was a child, and I was especially attracted to deformed characters.
Though I was devoted to mahjong and billiards, my thoughts on “books” never disappeared.

If I had such a feeling, I would learn the basics of the buried “book” by facing again the letters at the place of employment such as accounting department, document department, education research department.
At the age of 40, he met a lifelong teacher, established his own writing system out of strict teachings, and became independent at the age of 50.
Based on the conviction that “characters are to be imagined”, a practical small print study group was launched, and now has around 100 students, mainly Hachioji.
“The letters do not have to be written cleanly. It is important to be easy to read. But the traditions established in Japanese letters must be respected.”
“The book wants to express that person”
Therefore, I am particular about writing on old woods and precious woods that have carved a history.
Alongside being a lecturer in creativity development and leadership training, there are teaching materials for correspondence education, writing methods for New Year’s cards, writing methods other than letters, publications such as 100 selections of 4-letter idioms, etc. He is active in various situations, including teaching how to write letters.